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  1. Very well written and done my friend.
    I’ve just started writing a blog myself in the last ffew days
    and observed lot of people merely reweork old content
    bbut addd very little of value. It’s great to see a useful post of some
    true value to me, as a reader.
    It is going down on my list of details I needd to replicazte as a new
    blogger. Reader engagement and material value are king.
    Many superb thoughts; you’ve unquestionably got on my list of people
    to watch!

    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Well done,

    1. Thank you Albert for all the nice words. I don’t update my blog/portfolio so much but today is the day. I really appreciate your kind words and wish you the best with your blog! Take care! Sincerely Lina

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