Lina hope to make the world a more colorful place where people
feel free to express their creativity. 

Linas tools are: ideas, color, illustration and to make creative spaces.

Lina got experiences from working at youth centers, schools, with events, making murals and creative workshops and projects for children.


Bror Hjorths house and Designlabbet in Uppsala, Oskarshamns art hall (exhibition with Amara Por Dios), Pressbyrån (event Rullande serieturnéen, comic and hiphop 2016-2017), Skid-VM in Falun (painting), Nine Yards (workshop för Nike Women International), Oskarshamns kommun (workshop), IKEA-event i Borlänge (wall), Exhibition Pepp för dej+mej – Riksorganisationen Folkets Hus och Parker (project Konst för barn), Mötesplatsen and café Megafon in Sunne (toilet painting), Broby Grafiska (workshop and presentation), Unga Örnar (illustration), Art museum in Norr/Lilla Norr (pedagogical material to the story Sylten som försvann), Youth house Lakeside, Ingesunds Folkhögskola (teamleader/event Galaxen Creative), Smart Ungdom (concept and communication), Swedish Open, Dunkers Kulturhus/RumEtt, Berling Media AB, Helsingborgshem/Multiteket (youth house), Helsingborgs kommun, Helsingborgsfestivalen, Hultsfredsfestivalen, Xtra Helsingborg, Jämställdhetsrådet/Länsstyrelsen Värmland, Tidningen Arbetaren, Film Helsingborg…

Lina graduated  from Broby Grafiska – printing engineer/flexographic and Bromma Folkhögskola – youth worker. Is also a story pedagog (sagopedagog).


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